Our mission

The mission of Cosmos Hotel Group is to become the quality mark of the hospitality industry in Russia. We aspire to prove that a Russian company can and should be the domestic market leader.

Our portfolio and market experience speak for themselves. We don’t need to prove ourselves to others. Who we challenge is not our competitors, but ourselves: we strive to exceed expectation of hotel proprietors and guests and reach new frontiers every time. We are building a new future for the Russian hotel market. If you would like to become part of it, join Cosmos Hotel Group. #Let’sGo

Our philosophy

Why Cosmos? It is known that in Ancient Greece, the word κόσμος initially referred to anything characterized by consistency, order and harmony. Later, the term came to denote the universe as a structured whole.

Consistency, order and harmony are the foundation of our work. We believe that an organization can only be efficient when all its elements co-operate in harmony and are focused on a common goal. This is why we chose Cosmos Hotel Group as a befitting name for our company.

Our philosophy is reflected in the trinity of our values: trust of customers, well-being of employees and loyalty of guests. We believe that quality service is not only about customer care standards; it is also about the relationships between the staff, company partners and hotel guests.